Lincoln Aviator 4.6L Engine for Sale

A 4.6L engine was used in the Aviator by Lincoln during its 4-year manufacturing by Ford. This series was the Modular 8-cylinder found in luxury automobiles. The 2003 year was when the luxury sport utility class was introduced nationally. Both RWD and AWD Lincoln Aviator 4.6L engine inventory is always on sale at this website.

Aviator Engine Specs

The DOHC motors have been a major part in Ford Motor Company production. While the single overhead cam blocks are popular, the power level in the dual design cannot be matched. The 4.6 uses a 4-valve per cylinder V8. This equates to 32 total valves.

The horsepower is maxed out on the Modular at 302 hp. This was pretty much standard on all U1 SUV platform vehicles. The most common transmission used in the Lincoln class was a 5R55E. This 5-speed version was built for bigger V8 blocks.

How many miles per gallon does a Lincoln Aviator get? The specs in the data sheet for the 4.6-liter detail a 13 to 18 MPG rating. Regular unleaded gasoline is recommended for use in full-size vehicles. Mileage can and will be different for some used Lincoln engines for sale.

Lincoln V8 Motor Warranty

Not too many retailers will provide more than a 90-day period to protect OEM components. This is due to not trusting consumers who buy preowned auto parts. In order to get the longest use out of a component, a good warranty must be written and included at the point of sale.

Every Aviator block found on sale at this AEFS website is sold with a warranty plan. This is a way to take care of a consumer. The best part is that the price has been calculated to feature the coverage. There is no need to buy an aftermarket parts plan.

Buy 4.6-Liter Engine Blocks

Inventory posted here is taken out of junk yards. These are not new although look just as good sometimes. Getting a clean motor or one in above average condition is pretty simple. While working with nationwide sources, the interchange partners that distribute products here guarantee quality.

A special price is always delivered through usage of this website. A popular quote tool appears on each page. Supplying the production year and correct nameplate produces the lowest discount price. Calling into the support department is the best way to receive price details offline.