Dodge Dakota 5.2L Engine for Sale

The 5.2-liter engine was used in the Dakota by Dodge from 1992 to 2000. This block is for sale on this website at a low price. The OHV (overhead valve) 8-cylinder was based on the LA series used in the 1990s. The internal code name is “Magnum” for the Dodge Dakota 5.2L engine. People who appreciate used auto parts can buy these units at

Dakota V8 Motor Specs

The cubic inch displacement is permanently fixed at 318. This number was not changed for the entire manufacturing period. Chrysler frequently modified the performance to boost the horsepower ratings annually. Someone shopping for a 5.2 will find 225 hp to 230 hp provided.

Before the high output 8-cylinder, the Magnum V8 was the king. It is perhaps the most successful motor used in a Dodge pickup truck. The compression ratio is 9:5:1. A person ready to swap this build will need about 5 quarts of premium oil to top off the block.

Although the Dakota was rated for 4100 RPM, the 5.9-liter eventually took its place. One thing that modern day trucks are known for is towing capacity. A minimum of 295 foot pounds of torque is featured on all OEM Dakota engines for sale on this portal.

Used Magnum Motor Warranties

The only thing preventing someone from purchasing auto parts at a dealership is the price. No one thinks that a new component will fail. The reality is that a warranty should always be taken into consideration. It is hard when dealing with salvage sources to get needed coverage.

For every 5.2L V8 sold, there is one that is in poor condition. AEFS looks through the products that scrap yards in the USA provide. Only the best builds that fit the Dakota vehicles are taken out. Mileage counts are certified when possible. It takes an experienced professional to spot the top condition motor inventory.

Buy 5.2L Truck Engines Here

Quotes make the automotive industry tick. Prices will always change. Keeping up with the changes is essential. Dealers not advertising a price are usually hiding something. No one should jump through hoops only to be disappointed in the MSRP. Using the easy quote system here, anyone can find a discount plus stock on hand.

There is a service phone number posted here. Dialing this number results in immediate help. Any question can be asked and further information can be explored. This is guaranteed the simplest way to buy a used Dodge Dakota engine for sale in America.