Cadillac Deville 4.6L Engine for Sale

Deville cars used 4.6L engine blocks in V8 size from 1996 to 2006. These are for sale at a fair and locked in price here. While the nameplate can be traced back to 1949, the Northstar engine was not built until the 1990s. A period of 10 years were given to the development of this powerful motor. Anyone here shopping can buy a Cadillac Deville 4.6L engine in stock.

Deville V8 Motor Specs

The RPO L37 was the first Northstar series built. The LD8 came later after design changes were integrated. What was special about this class was not the two different option codes. General Motors knew that developing a more reliable 8-cylinder was essential. Two base horsepower options were included in all Cadillac Deville automobiles.

A 270 hp or 300 hp rating was achieved in the Northstar engine. This was supplied in four different trim levels. The Concours, Base, DTS and DHS were marketed globally. The LD8 generated a 10:3:1 compression ratio. This was the same specs as the original L37.

The good news for someone who is seeking a Cadillac junk yard to buy from is that all stocked inventory here is second hand. What comes out of these yards is first inspected and then placed in the warehouse for shipments.

Complete Northstar Engines

What is the difference between a rebuilt and used engine? The easy answer is that these are both complete. What this means is that nothing is missing or has been taken off. Where the two differ is in price and acquisition. Rebuilders often fix parts that have failed or that might fail in the near future.

AEFS sells complete used 4.6L motors. These come from a supply chain that is constantly upgraded. Rates for shipping are sometimes free. This is reflected in the discount price data. All Deville, Seville, DTS and other luxury motor blocks on sale are above average condition.

Buy 4.6L Cadillac Engines Here

Saving money is just a bonus in the automotive industry. No two companies have the same price drops. Sometimes, mechanics check the condition and test products before distribution. Visitors taking the time to acquire a price on this website are treated fairly. All applicable warranties, mileage counts and stock data is accurately presented.

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